The Passive Feminine Force

Feminine FigureThe Passive Feminine Force is what keeps the Masculine Force flowing, you can’t have the one without the other. Just like the planets move in orbit around their star, feeling the Gravitational Force keeping them happily in orbit, without colliding with their mother star. The Passive Feminine Force is the Gravitational Force, static in the minds of the Masculine Force, keeping it on orbit and gives their life meaning.

Whether you like it or not, we are programed in a specific way, that we unconsciously make decisions how to act when it comes to the opposite sex. I call the Feminine Force Passive or Static for a reason, it may upset you, but our species are programed in such a way that the Feminine stays still and the Masculine takes the first step. To clarify, when a Man moves towards a Woman, she instantly knows what it means and takes the, depending on the situation, appropriate action. If you reverse the situation, the Man gets confused and only feels that something is up, not what it means.
In other words:
Masculine > Feminine = Clarity and Compassion
Feminine > Masculine = Confusion and Discordance

I’m not saying that this implies to Everyone. But from what I have seen, and experienced, it only strengthens the theory.

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