The Black Hole

Black HoleYou’re a Black Hole. Constantly expressing your gluttony and lust, taking it all in for yourself, not thinking about your fellow man. It seems you have forgotten that you are not the only one in this world, or how to communicate. You just keep taking it all in, growing larger, until Nothing can escape, not even the foolishness of a young man.

You once flourished, had no care or fear, you never saw the danger of your greed. Then it all became to intense, to big. You imploded and lost all that you had worked for. Still, you forgot the meaning and lesson of what just happened. Your greed is still there and stronger than before, with a new player, Self Pity. You are now smaller, harder to see, but the Concentration of your old ways are still growing and becoming more compact. Now you are drifting along, all by yourself, in the ocean of Emptiness. All of the bodies you used to be like are so far away, and not like you anymore. They dare not come close to you and feel the warmth you once had. They know what will happen, feel the uncontrollable seduction, and get stuck forever.

You have nothing but yourself left.
There is no turning back now

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