Popping Pills

PillsPopping them pills, the light in the darkness. Swallow them whole, taste like gold. They stick in your throat, you force them down. Heaven will soon come, just lay down, relax. See the sky fall towards you, while everything else is getting bigger and bigger. There is nothing else but you, you are the center now. There is no blame, no depression, no suffering.

You have finally reached your goal, all of the hard work led to nothing. The path of the wise one is to long and crooked, to much work, to much responsibility, to much sacrifice. Take the easy route, pellets piled up in a jar or packed in aluminium. You know the truth, life equals Dukkha, why live it? why accept it? When you can avoid it? Just pop them pills, sunshine in a bottle, avoid direction, and reach the ultimate goal. Nirvana

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