Misfit Love

What is love? Are there any rules? If you look out in to the world today, on the frequency of love and lust, you will find allot of tastes and practices. Some are considered Not Normal, Fetish, Homosexual, Dominant or Submissive. Do you find your sex practices, if any, normal? Or are you ashamed of what you are feeling, or doing?

First we have to realize that sex is spoken, performed and interpreted in all of the languages of the world. In some countries, religions and cultures they are banned, illegal or unmoral. But it’s between you and your partner that’s performing the act, and it’s important that both parts are in on it. Sex is physical love, love that is strong, and not something you can or should force.

BDSM is a acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission, although different terms may be used. If you ask a random person on the street, or show them pictures of BDSM in action, they will probably say that it’s wrong or disgusting. Either because they really feel that way, or, because they don’t want to admit what they are really feel about it. One part of BDSM is Dominance and Submission, and is exactly what it sounds like. One, or more, part(s) is dominant and one, or more, part(s) is submissive. The dominant part loves the feeling of dominance, and gets turned on by dominant acts, such as causing pain to the victim and/or humiliating him/her. The submissive part is the exact opposite, the victim, or victims, love and gets turned on by the feeling of pain and/or humiliation.

Homosexuality/Bisexuality, This one needs no introduction.

Sexual Fetishism is something that can get connected with BDSM, but is not essential. A fetish is someone who gets aroused, or turned on, by objects, living creatures, human organs or something else that the norm does not classify sexual in nature. It can be things like feet, ear, clothing, animals etc. This also, like BDSM, has both acceptance and intolerance towards it. By Countries, Religions and Cultures.

NOTE: I’m only thinking aloud, I do NOT have any specific opinion for or against any of these practices. I’m only explaining what I know.

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