I Heard Of A Girl

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I Heard Of A Girl, That’s Bright and Cheerful but also, from time to time, Sad and Emotional. She strives for solid connections with others, does her best, and succeeds. Her emotions running wild in her head. She’s Laughed at By her subconscious, She’s Fought With the submissive, hard to dispose, self pity, She’s Won A individual who cares deeply and truthfully about her.

Yet, she is unsure of her emotions, complicated as they are.
Heads is not the same as Tails.
Yin is not the same as Yang.
Gravity is not the same as Mass.
Zero is not the same as One.
False is not the same as True.
Yet they are both essential, they both need to exist, in order to Exist. There is no need or reason for solitude, it may feel nice and right at the time, but deep down you feel the need for your Second half.

Jag behöver inte säga det, du vet vem du är. Jag behöver Dig, och jag hoppas att Du behöver mig Mig. Jag orkar inte längre identifiera alla starka och smärtsamma känslor, när jag känner mig osäker. Eller avundsjuk. ♥
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