I’ll Show You All My Dirty Tricks

FetishYou are the leader, the Aplha, and I the Beta. I accept my submissive position. Do what you want in your mind freely, I’ll keep this in strict confidence. You may hurt me, humiliate me or degrade me. You deserve it. Now I am the Passive one, and You are the active one. You bend down, whisper into my ear: I’ll Show You All My Dirty Tricks. Is this Love?

Love is a very powerful word, it can be interpreted in almost an infinite number of ways. Love can mean pain, sex, lust and other physical interactions. The rush you feel when you touch and kiss that special someone all over, leading to more sensitive and sensual pleasures. You are one with yourself and thy, you let both your minds go, feel the empowering forces pulling you. You allow them your resignation, they take over and nothing else matters. Once both of you have reached your goal, you feel the strain, and your are closer than ever.

The simple love, like the love you feel for your friends or parents. You know their strengths and weaknesses, and they know yours. The interplay between your actions and emotions works, and are predictable. You both have your reputation and status among the rest of the crowd, you wouldn’t want it any other way, you keep your position and let the love flourish.

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    Lovable, friendly and crazy 25-year-old-boy.