Social Mastery or Group Mastery?

This post is going to be a follow up to another post I did a while back called Social-Development or Self-Development, It’s not critical but I recommend you go and read it first, you can find it HERE. First I’d like to mention that it took me a while to think of the title, the best I could come up with is Group Mastery. I know what it means in my head, but I don’t know how to explain it in English, I’ll try anyway.

What would you chose? Being social to EVERYONE, or, being social to just your network of social friends? (It’s worth to mention that when I say friends I mean real friends, NOT Facebook) Hold that thought for a moment, and give me just five minutes to explain myself.

I had a strange thought today, a thought that never had crossed my mind before. When I thought about it even deeper I found myself, yet again, in a dilemma. It was about social networking (again, NOT Facebook) and where I stand in that network. Not in a way of status, but if it’s worth to “get out” so to speak. Should I leave the safety of the bubble and find new friends, and become a social master? Or. Should i stay in the safety of the bubble and go with my life?

Right away the compromise arrases, keep your network AND find new friends :) Sure, you could do that. But if you find new friends, they immediately have to penetrate your network and become part of it, which is good and all, but people doesn’t work that way. People come and people go, the saying says, and it couldn’t be more precise. In other words, it’s full, one comes in and one goes out.

What you have to do to become a Social Master, In my opinion, is to jump back and forth. What if your new beloved friend has some unknown unlikeliness towards your other friends? What if the two networks are enemies?

So my conclusion is: Stay in your bubble OR swap around. There’s nothing wrong with that, you can even make both parts aware of each other, and maybe they’ll merge. Just be careful, you don’t want to get in trouble. Remember, I am looking this at a philosophical standpoint, not a realistic one. This is just a thought that I have expanded a bit for you to take part of.

Whatever you learn, Learn it for your own sake – Latin Proverb

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