Light and Strong

I don’t know how you do it, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. You are here, you are ready. With your silvery, reflective coating. I treat you with the respect you deserve, you burn and spit by the slightest mistake. You don’t have the same attraction as your older brother, but far more abundance. Both you and your brother share the same timidity, you are easily found but hard to negotiate, yet, I Love You

You are one out of nine whom I know very well, but by far the most interesting. I rarely come in contact with you, but see you every day. Where ever I turn, I hear good things about you. Bright minds with bright ideas, on how to take advantage of you. You don’t mind the attention or ideas, you get the job done flawlessly and perfectly every time. Your reputation gets better by the day, and you are loving every second of it.

You’ve been everywhere, under ground, inside people, in space, even on the moon. You help people get on with their lives, make them look pretty and stay alive. You are sometimes the only one people can trust, the others like you don’t always play along as nice as you do. You, Titanium, are the one I like.

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    Lovable, friendly and crazy 25-year-old-boy.