Identify the Feeling

What do you call it? Lust? Love? Forbidden fruit? Whatever you may call it, it’s a feeling thats hard to identify the first time, you don’t exactly know what it is, but you feel it anyway. When you are with that special someone that you can’t take your eyes of it pops up, and you don’t know what it is. It kinda feels like Lust, but not quite, that my friend, is what you call Love.

You can look at Love from many perspectives, Chemical, Philosophical, Emotional and so on. But none of that matters when you are there, only you matter and how you are going to end the suffering. It sounds easy right? Get together with that special someone and it’s over, you made it! Do you have the courage? The guts? No, off course not, you know that deep down in your heart (Philosophically speaking) you have nothing to lose. It’s just of to the next one, right? Part of the feeling, you have the constant thought of what this wonderful individual is thinking of you, does this person think of you in the same as you are thinking of them? Or does this person think of you at all?

You wounder how long this is going to last, is it going to be this way every time I see this individual? You can try to enjoy the feeling, or just to live with it. You may become stupid and annoying just to get their attention and hope for the best, or write it all down in an silly little blog post on a silly little blog.

Yes, I am in Love again.

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