The Power Of (Political) Unions

There’s been allot of different ways to rule a country over the past centuries. If we focus on the past, we notice that theres been allot of different monarchies and aristocracies that had their own way of power. But what about the rest of the people? Don’t they have anything to say for themselves?

Indeed they do, and have the right to. If we go back even further back, all the way back to antiquity. We see that the Greeks had their own little version of what they called dēmokratía, Thats right “Democracy“. It was very different to what we call democracy today, a so called “direct democracy“, meaning that all of the representatives (in their case, the people) made all of the decisions. It may have worked perfectly in their time, with a small number of people, but would require allot of time and money these days.

Now to the point, the power of political unions. I say that while thinking about what the people did here in Sweden a long time ago, they formed a “Working Union” and started a revolution. They did that because in those days the working people had very little rights, it was mostly the rich and the people fortune enough to be born in a royal family who had the power. Today that would be nonsense and so thought the working people, why should we work our butts of to a higher power when we get nothing in return?

The union was formed, with the ideology of Karl Marx, time went by and they soon got what they wanted. But not without a fight, people got hurt, people died and people stood up. The party was formed and is still alive and well today, although not as powerful as it once was (in fact, they had their worst election in 96 years recently) but still remains. Allot of what they once fought for is now part of the human rights and constitution.

NOTE: I am neither socialist or liberal, democrat or republican. If you followed my blog you know where i stand, it’s not a secret.

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