In A Angry Mood – Unique

I’m fucking unique, as far as i know…

My life is slow and boring, stuff rarely happens. Either I am home or at school, everything in between is a blank square that could be filled with so much more. But wishing for it isn’t going to make it happen, but what the fuck should I do then? Public service? Hell no!

I hear both of my parents and other adult japing about that I’m lazy, and saying that I just don’t understand the world, what? I understand the world perfectly! I know why that kind of tree grows just in that particular spot, I know why the stars sparkle, I know how nuclear fission power our homes, I know all of that good shit! Except where to find people…

What the fuck is the purpose of my life anyway? All I do is learn learn learn and then learn some more, and for what? Whats the point when I have no one to share my knowledge with? I keep reading and reading, learning and learning, all without any social interaction.

They say that knowledge is power, but what about social stuff?


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