Thunderf00t – Something you see ONCE in a Hundered Years!

Another great and educating trip by Thunderf00t. This time, he tracks the transit of Venus. As it passes infront of the sun.

Link to his channel:

A Week to Remeber – Peace and Love 2012, Borlänge Sweden

Come at me bro

Camping in the rain, going to awesome concerts, drinking, partying and just screwing around. Peace and Love music festival 2012 in Borlänge Sweden is a week to remember.

A beautiful morning Before takeoff Day One
Strolling down the camp Chillin' on the grass Stephen Marley @ Peace and Love 2012
Wolfmother @ Peace and Love 2012 Billy Idol @ Peace and Love 2012 Skrillex @ Peace and Love 2012

Bands seen (In no particular order):