Picture of the Century: Slippery Slope Fallacy

One thing rarely leads to the other, the “Other” being what you first imagined. But if you allow the Chimera of a Slippery Slope Fallacy run amok. It can go on and on, to the extreme.

Thunderf00t – ONE Second to Change your Life

Another great monologue by Thunderf00t. Discussing perspective on time, distance and space. To the awesome visuals powered by Open-Source goodness. Original YouTube video description

Confirmation – External Awareness

From a healthy attitude of fighting your ego, by reality-checking wild ideas with close acquaintances. To a mindless state of insecurities and constant search for acknowledgment. Close adaptation may be a sad byproduct of fast-passed social life, but is essential on a conscious level. If…

Throwing Until Something Sticks – Lack of Preparation

Very little in this life can be foreseen, even less prepared for. School, training, practice. Valuable time spent on the crossroads towards a preferred goal. A tight schedule, new routines, new books and new equipment. Images and imaginative scenarios pop up, expectations rise. Reality comes…

New-Age Hipsters – Analog Nostalgia

When the records have worn out, the super 8 collection discoloured and your stack of Polaroid pictures crumbled. The content may look horrible, but gain a new quality. The chemical and vulnerable nature of old media, gives it a new charm. That is widely sought…