Oooooh A Gift? For me?

I almost forgot to mention, that when me and my family came home from our vacation, i got a present from my sister! And guess what it was? A record!! Alice Cooper – Greatest Hits! I’m so happy! :D

Little Ducklings

Me and my mom where out walking the other day, and we came across some beautiful little ducklings! I took some pictures, have a look: And yes, i know, the quality could have been better. But if you look closely, you can see the little…

It Runs Linux!!

When me and my family where on our way to the Canary Islands, i noticed something that made me really happy, the entertainment system on the airplane runs Linux!! I was watching Avatar and then suddenly the system rebooted, my first thought was that the…


Lucky me :D Peppoj here again! As i have mentioned before, me and my family where on vacation on the Canary Islands and i took the time to check the cigarette prices, since i smoke. And guess what! A pack of Lucky’s was only 1,6…

A Stroll Up Pico Bandama

Me and my family where on vacation to the Canary Islands and where on a tour up in the mountains, Pico Bandama. Here’s some pics: